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Eliminate Candida Naturally » What Are Anti Candida Diets and How Can They Help?

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What Are Anti Candida Diets and How Can They Help?

With the diagnosis of a candida infection, a doctor will normally prescribe anti-fungal medication, a change to the persons diet and changes to their lifestyle.  So, what do anti candida diets consist of, and how can they help?

Candida, is yeast that exists naturally in everybody’s digestive system, and normally it causes no problems, and lives symbiotically as part of the gut flora.  It also lives in other warm and moist parts of the body like the vagina, the oral cavity and in folds in the skin.

Given the right environment in the gut, candida can multiply and start to cause problems for the host, ranging from abdominal cramps and migraines to severe symptoms that can be potentially life threatening if the infection is chronic and left untreated.

There are a factors that can spark the candida to overgrow, chiefly among these are a compromised immune system and low levels of friendly bacteria (probiotics), which work together to suppress a candida growth in a healthy person.

An anti candida diet therefore has two purposes, to starve the candida in order to suppress growth, and to give the host the nutrition it needs to help fight the candida overgrowth naturally.

Candida is yeast, so it relies on sugars as part of its metabolic processes, fermenting them into alcohol.  Therefore, eliminating sugar from the diet is usually the first recommendation, particularly refined sugars (white and brown along with syrups and honey).

A diet will also look to eliminate foods, which contain white flour and yeast (so breads, pastries and alcohol), fungi and mould such as mushrooms and cheese, fermented products like vinegar and pickles and some diary products.

Also, avoid processed foods, as they can have a number of hidden ingredients that contain elements that should be avoided, and often the nutritional content of processed foods is considerably less than fresh foods.

As well as foods that should be avoided there are some that can help promote the health of the digestive tract, these include foods that are high in nutritional content like fresh vegetables and probiotic foods.

Probiotic foods in particular can help replenish the levels of friendly bacteria in the gut, which is a defense against a candida infection.  Probiotics can be taken in a number ways, either as supplements or by eating ‘live’ foods such as bio yogurts, but ensure that the correct amount is being consumed, as too little will have little effect on the candida infection. 

Often when someone is suffering with a candida infection they are not able to absorb a healthy amount of nutrients, which can compromise the immune response further.  So, it is important to ensure that all foods eaten are high in the essential nutrients required by the body.  My tip is not to waste a meal, eat only foods that starve the candida and those that feed the body.

There are many variations of anti candida diets, but the key to remember is that they only form part of the treatment required to relieve someone of a candida infection, and they should not be adopted without discussion with your dietician, nutritionist or doctor.

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One Response to “What Are Anti Candida Diets and How Can They Help?”

  1. kc Says:

    Well thats most of my diet!

    I have cut down considerably on carbs. ( having Diabetes and a weight problem) I cut out all white foods.
    Only eating 2- 4 slices of 100% whole wheat bread a day.
    I have cheese in my eggs every morning along with onions, some garlic and sometimes if I have green peppers and mushrooms I may throw some in.

    I have herb tea @ night with honey, ( I also have insomnia) and some fresh roasted peanuts ( I remove my own shell)
    I started eating more fruits and Eat a lot more broccoli.

    Doesn’t sound like there is a whole lot of foods left for me to eat! :-\

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