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Eliminate Candida Naturally » Can Candida and Migraine Symptoms be Linked?

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Can Candida and Migraine Symptoms be Linked?

Is there a link between candida and migraine symptoms?

Migraines normally start with a throbbing sensation on one side of the head, and if left untreated can start to move to the other side also.  In most cases around about 60% of migraine sufferers will get some symptoms about 24 hours prior to a migraine attack. 

They may find that they have mood changes and crave particular types of foods.  They also may yawn repetitively and feel fatigued.

Dehydration can be a cause of migraines and a person may feel dry and thirsty, but unfortunately they also find that they may retain fluids and feel a little bloated.  However, consuming more water will help with the elimination of toxins, which are believed to be one of the reasons that a candida infection can cause migraines.

Interestingly, some candida is present in and on our skin all the time.  It is no threat to the host, and is considered beneficial if maintained in balance in the Gastrointestinal (GI) tract.  It is only when it is allowed to colonize that it becomes a threat to the host and can cause any one of dozens of symptoms, including migraines.

When there is a candida infection, the body has to deal with more toxins and there is a greater strain on the immune response.  An example of one of the toxins that is releases is acetaldehyde, which is considered responsible for a person’s symptoms when they have an alcohol “hang-over”.

In a study carried out which looked at the relationship between Candida and migraine attacks it was found that 13 out of the 17 sufferers responded to change of diet and medication within 3 months and so suffered from less severe and fewer migraine attacks.

Also blood tests were carried out during this study and it was found that the number of Candida antibodies had decreased as well.

The remaining 4 did not respond to the program during the study because they did not actually follow the regime provided by the research team.

So, the first step to take if you believe that you have a migraine that may be caused by candida is to get the candida infection diagnosed.

This step may not be as simple as it sounds, as yeast infections are not always easy to diagnose as we already have candida present in our bodies.  However, there are various tests that can be carried out that you can ask your doctor about.

There are also a number of symptoms that can be identified that are associated with candida; these should also be mentioned to your doctor if they are identified.

Once diagnosed there are a number of treatment options, which are designed to one or more than one of the following; kill the fungus, starve the fungus, improve the diet, bolster the immune system.

There are also natural methods that can be used to relieve the symptoms.

Unfortunately, when a treatment starts to bring the candida infection under control, even more toxins can be released into the body.  However, this is a necessary evil to remove the long-term symptoms.

One way to eliminate toxins quicker, and also help with migraines is to increase the volume of water drunk during the day.  Water can help flush out toxins in the body, and it also helps reduce the symptoms of the migraine.

There is one final thing to consider once the candida infection is under control. You will need to understand what triggered the candida infection in the first place.  The above treatments may help eliminate the candida infections, but they could come back if the root cause is not understood and resolved.

So, if there is a candida infection, eliminate the impact of candida and migraine symptoms should ease or disappear.

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