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Eliminate Candida Naturally » Understanding Anti Candida Food Diets What you should know

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Understanding Anti Candida Food Diets What you should know

Many people in recent years have turned to natural ways to help eliminate Candida infection from their body, rather than using more traditional Western medical methods such as anti-fungal treatments.  So, how does an anti candida food diet work?

Firstly, it is never advised to start an anti-candida diet without being diagnosed formally.  There are many conditions that share the same symptoms as candida, and misdiagnosis can have serious implications for your health.

Once a person has been diagnosed with a candida overgrowth, then normally they will be put on a course of anti-fungal medication to destroy the candida, also they may instructed to change diet and potentially change some lifestyle habits.

An anti-candida diet is one that is designed to restrict the foods that help the candida thrive, thus starving it.  This approach has been used by thousands of people, but as the diet seems on the face of it quite restrictive, there are many that struggle to stay committed to the change.

The best way to stay enthusiastic to make sure that the diet is varied and interesting, and realize that sugar cravings are simply the candida yeast trying to force you into feeding it.

The main foods which a person suffering from a Candida infection will need to eliminate from their diet are those which contain refined sugar, yeast and some dairy products.

This would mean eliminating white and brown granulated sugar along with honey, molasses and all types of different syrups such a maple and corn.

Plus most fruits are high in fructose so they should initially be excluded from the diet.  This is especially true of dried, frozen, canned or fruit juice, as they are often concentrated and have a very high concentration of sugar.

There is some debate as to whether whole fruit should be allowed in the diet, as the nutritional benefits of fruit are well known.  However, initially, it is prudent to restrict all sugars, and then potentially reintroduce fresh whole organic fruit later, once improvements have been seen.

It is important to look at labels on food carefully, as there are many “hidden” ingredients in packaged foods. Many contain sugar as it is often used in the manufacturing process in order to preserve the ingredients so that they have a longer shelf life. You may be surprised to find sugar in many savory food products.

It is recommended that where possible only fresh organic foods are included in the diet. As well as having “hidden” ingredients and manufacturing processes, processed foods generally do not have the same nutritional value of fresh foods.

Some of the yeast products that you will need to restrict in your diet include baked items such as breads, cakes and pastries, and tea, coffee and coffee substitutes along with pepper as many they tend to use yeast in the drying process.

Plus ice cream, malted milk drinks plus any other foods containing malt (including alcoholic beverages), soda drinks and candy as they have normally all been made using sugar or yeast.

There are other foods that should be either restricted or reduced in an anti-candida diet, and it is not surprising that people get daunted when they see the lists of foods to avoid.  However there is an equally impressive list of feeds that can be eaten as part of the diet.

Discover more about anti candida food diets and natural methods to relieve candida by having a browse through the rest of the blog.

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