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Eliminate Candida Naturally » How To Discover If You Have Candida Yeast Chronic Fatigue Symptoms

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How To Discover If You Have Candida Yeast Chronic Fatigue Symptoms

Just what is the Candida yeast chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) connection?  At present there is really no firm evidence to show that a person who suffers from chronic fatigue is also suffering from an overgrowth of Candida.

However, there seems to be growing evidence that a candida infection could be one of the many viruses or infections that triggers CFS.

It is suggested that even though the though the clinical signs of the yeast infection may be absent, through either the body naturally fighting the infection, or medical treatment, it can still trigger other problems such as fatigue (even chronic in some cases).

Most of the research into chronic fatigue suggests that main cause is a malfunction in the immune system or the metabolism.  This may be caused by a number of things, including lack of sleep, insufficient minerals and vitamins, poor diet, stress and food allergies.

Here is where the links between candida and chronic fatigue starts to become clearer.  A candida infection in the gastrointestinal tract normally indicates that there is a lack of “good” bacteria, as these are one of the main defenses against the infection.

These good bacteria are essential to ensuring a healthy digestion, and this means they are required to ensure that we get the appropriate vitamins, minerals and nutrition.  Without these our immune systems become compromised.

Also, the yeast infection, once it lines the gastrointestinal wall can cause leaky gut, which allows toxins and undigested food debris into the blood stream, which can again weaken the immune response.

Also, if digestion is slowed, the food within the intestinal tract becomes warm and wet providing a perfect environment for the candida yeast, which is essentially a fungus, so more toxins are produced.

A candida infection can also be caused by a poor diet.  A diet high is sugars, processed food and yeast products can promote the growth of the candida yeast.  And a poor diet is going to also contribute to lowering the effectiveness of the immune system.

There is also some evidence that being stressed is linked to yeast infections and chronic fatigue.  As many as 80% of patients with CFS have been found to have elevated stress levels, which inhibits the generation of T cell lymphocytes by the immune system.

Whilst kept under control, the Candida yeast found in the digestive system will cause us no problems but as soon as it is provided with the chance to grow then this is when the problems mentioned previously can occur.

Fatigue is one of the main symptoms of a candida yeast infection.   Many people who suffer from candida will find that their bodies are unable to obtain the essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals that are required in order for them to work properly and one of the main symptoms that they will feel is chronic fatigue.

In most cases they people can be left feeling extremely tired and lackluster and find it difficult to cope with normal day to day tasks.

In around about 80% of all the cases of chronic fatigue it will start with flu symptoms, which is very similar to the symptoms felt by someone suffering from a Candida yeast infection.

Although there is no definitive proof of a candida yeast chronic fatigue connection, it is clear that the symptoms and the conditions effect similar bodily functions.  At the first sign of a candida yeast infection seek professional advice to reduce the impact it can have on the body.

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